For parents

What data is collected about my child? 

We only retain student’s name and email address for the purpose managing their account access.  The check in process asks students how tired they are, and how emotionally they are feeling. This information is only available to authorised teachers at an individual level.  

What are switches? 

Switches are activities that assist with the process of “switching” out of a reactive emotive state into a more conscious thinking state.  

What does the program do?  

It is a program facilitated by teachers to support their students to build social and emotional skills in a practical and fun way.  Students are asked to “check in” to self report on how they are feeling, and can access “switches” to learn some strategies for managing their emotions more effectively.  

I’m worried about internet safety, is Switch4Schools secure? 

Absolutely. The students use an avatar and nickname in the system to protect their identity and their usage is monitored and managed by their authorised teacher.   

Are there different levels of difficulty?  

Yes, the switching activities have been adjusted to suit younger or older students. 

Can I have my own account?  

Not at this stage.  Access is limited to school teachers and their students only.  

What ages is Switch4Schools suitable for? 

The program is suitable for all students aged between 4 – 16 years old. Younger students do require more support from their teachers to familiarise with switches.  

For teachers

What is a “normal” level of tired?  

While every student will be different and have different behaviours connected to their energy levels, students that regularly self report as feeling “exhausted” would be concerning and warrant further investigation.  

Should the focus be making the students “happy”? 

It’s important not to demonise any particular emotions as good or bad.  Emotions exist to help us navigate our highly complex lives. There are times when being sad, for example, is appropriate and we are not trying to teach students to suppress these emotions to pretend to be happy, but to be emotionally intelligent enough to be able to identify how they are feeling and respond appropriately.   


How do the students know what each of the emotions labels mean?  

Guidance is provided via the emotion dictionary that is accessed via the toolkit within the program.

How do I read the data? 

When monitoring data the focus is to look for anomalies in the information being provided by the student and/or their behaviour that may warrant further investigation. It's also an opportunity to look for patterns or trends that may indicate where there is an ongoing issue impacting the student's emotional state. 


Where do I go for technical support?  

All queries can be directed to the friendly team via email at support@switch4schools.com.au 

Can more than one teacher be assigned to a class?  

Yes, absolutely.  Multiple teachers can be assigned to the same or multiple classes as required.  

Where can I find additional resources, eg posters and videos? 

On the resources page you will find various supporting resources for download.  

Can I add my own content to the toolkit?  

Yes, just let the team know (email support@switch4schools.com.au) what you’d like to add and we can facilitate that process for you.   

What are the three levels of complexity?  

The levels of complexity relate to the emotion wheel and associated switch activities, as follows: 

Level 1 – Emotion wheel 

Level 3 – Emotion wheel and 3-point intensity scale 

Level 5 – Emotion wheel and 5-point intensity scale (updated switches targeted at an older student) 

Why is the “request a chat” question optional? 

There are various reasons why a teacher may not want to use this question, including the maturity of the students. 


What happens when a student changes classes?  

Contact the team (email support@switch4schools.com.au) and we can transition them to their new class.  

How do I add a student?  

Navigate to the admin page in the program and select “add student” and follow the prompts.  

How do I remove a student? 

You can deactivate a student via the admin page.  If the student needs to be deleted in full, if created in error, please contact the team (email support@switch4schools.com.au) and we can assist with that process. 


How do I reset my password? 

From the log in page select the “forgot password” option and follow the prompts.  

Can Switch4Schools be used independently by students? 

Absolutely.  The content has been developed to encourage curiosity and self directed exploratory learning, with the understanding that younger students, with lower literacy levels will require support from a teacher, at least initially.  Whilst the switch activities are available at any time the check in process is only available for use once the teacher has started the session accordingly. 


Are there any printable worksheets for switches?  

The switches have intentionally been developed to minimise the amount of templates and worksheets required, but where appropriate these will embedded into the app for download. 

What devices can I use to access Switch4Schools? 

Switch4Schools is available as an app to download via the Apple App Store or via web link (select login at the top of this page).  The specific technical requirements can be found here: https://www.switch4schools.com.au/technical

How often should the kids check in?

Ideally, at least once a day but the frequency is your choice. Often teachers will align the check in process as a part of the roll call, so done first thing in the morning and again after second break. 


What do I do if I need to add, remove or change a student’s details in the check in app?

If you are having trouble managing access through the settings on the admin portal, please drop an email through to your program coordinator at support@switch4schools.com.au and we will make the changes for you as soon as possible. 


What does the notification flag mean on the student’s avatar?

The flag is designed to allow you to quickly identify which of the students have submitted a maximum intensity level of emotion for one of the negative emotions (sad, angry, anxious or scared) or is exhausted that might require your attention.  The flag is reflective of the latest check in and resets after each session. 


My student has made a mistake, what do I do?

Ask the student to reenter the submission with the correct data and let us know at support@switch4schools.com.au which submission to remove from the database on your behalf.  


How do I reset a student's password?

Go to the admin portal select the student and enter their email address.  The student will be sent a link to reset their password. 


How do I reset my password for the teacher portal?

Select the “forgot password” option when you are logging in and follow the prompts.  


Can I add my own switches?

Please send through any specific switches you would like incorporated for consideration.  We may update an existing switch, or choose to swap out the switch for all participating schools and will need to manage that change process.   


I job share, can I add another teacher to assist with managing my class?

Yes.  Just let your program coordinator at support@switch4schools.com.au know and we can set that up for you.  


What happens when a student requests a follow up conversation during the check in process?

An alert is added to the home screen, which you can then clear by selecting the avatar for each request.   


What is the level 1, 3 and level 5 intensity referencing?

When the students check in they are asked to label their emotion using either a one, three or five point scale.  This can be changed at any time via the admin portal, to allow the program to grow with the capability of the students.  


Is the data safe?

Privacy and safety are of utmost importance to us, which is why we ask that non-identifying avatars and nicknames are used for all students participating. 


What should I do if I have a student who I am worried could cause immediate harm to themselves or someone else?

Where appropriate, get backup support by letting a colleague or supervisor know about the situation as soon as possible. If possible, avoid leaving the distressed person alone – ask a colleague to stay with them even if you only have to leave for a small period of time. Keep the lines of communication open if possible and contact the school counsellor or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

For school administrators

Can I customise the report?  

Yes. We will provide the default report weekly to your nominated email address, but this can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements.  

How safe and secure is the program? 

Privacy and data safety are a significant priority for us.  In addition to our identity management strategies to safeguard student privacy and create a trusted circle between teachers and students, Switch4Schools has partnered with Amazon Web Services to leverage locally stored data facilities with leading trusted security infrastructure. 


How does the licence work? 

The annual licence is an enterprise licence which means it will cost the same whether you onboard 5 classes or 15 classes.  Our focus is making Switch4Schools as accessible to teachers as possible with transparent, affordable and predictable costs. 


How much does it cost? 

The licence cost is based on the size of your school. Please contact us for an obligation free quote via this link: Request quote


What is the onboarding process?  

The process can be flexible depending on your requirements and we will discuss and tailor a plan specifically for you, with you, but as a guide can expect that you will have access to the Switch4Schools team to assist with training, set up and technical support. 


Where can I go for support or to add/change a teacher?  

Contact the team via support@switch4schools.com.au at any time and we will glad to assist. 


How do I start a trial?  

Provide us with a few details via the registration page and we will get that set up for you as soon as possible. 


Do you facilitate information sessions for parents/caregivers? 

Yes, we are more than happy to facilitate online or in person events as appropriate for your community.  Please contact us at support@switch4schools.com.au to discuss options. 


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team via email at support@switch4schools.com.au between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also get in touch via live chat on our website in the lower righthand corner.


Additionally, you can find us on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.