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Option for student to request help

Student multi-class option

Toolkit of emotional regulation

Easy strategies that you can customise

Age appropriate activities for junior, middle and senior school

Meme bank access

In-app feedback tools

Optional student request for support


Artificial Intelligence directed learning for students

Artificial Intelligence teacher suggestions (coming soon)

Lesson plans and support materials for teachers


Unlimited number of student check-ins

Real-time data

Local data storage

Longitudinal student data

Individualised student and all class data

Data presented in multiple formats

Safer Technology for Schools (STFS) compliant


Multiple teachers assigned to class

Automated check-in session management

Limited access to strategies and tools for parents and care givers

School ability to manage teachers and class associations

Full admin portal access

Unlimited class numbers

Online admin support

Bulk upload of class lists


Weekly whole of school insights report

Guidance officer mode for individual sessions

Ongoing online training and support

Help line for technical support

Getting started plans and ppt's

Periodical newsletter

Dedicated account manager

Discounts on events 

1 customised professional development session per year

1 parent information night/session per year


Looking to see if it might be a good fit for your school?

$10 p/student p/annum

20% discount for whole of school rollout

$500 p/a minimum spend

*excluding taxes

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Platinum Partner

Standard subscription + $5000 p/a

Start whenever you want

  • Additional whole staff professional development opportunities

  • Exclusive access to events and networking opportunities

  • Co-creation opportunities and early access to new features and functionality 

Standard Subscription

$10 p/student p/annum

20% off for whole school roll out

Start whenever you want

  • Easy to start small and grow with your school

  • Self manage the set up and access for your school 

  • Access to all onboarding resources, introductory classroom lesson plans and technical support 


Free tools and strategies I can use with my kids.


No subscription needed

  • Emotional regulation and resilience building tips and tricks for everyone!

  • Age appropriate activities for junior, middle and senior school students

  • Meme bank access

  • No check-in capability (data)

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