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Looking for a facilitated workshop for your school?
You're in luck!

Switch It Up Community Event

Intended to provide the fundamentals of emotional intelligence to educators and parents alike. This is the content currently delivered as part of our Switch It Up tour in collaboration with the QLD Government and QASSP, and is open to the public to attend and would be marketed to various schools within proximity of the host venue.

Duration 1.5 - 2 hours

Getting started with Switch4Schools

This onboarding session for educators touches on the emotional intelligence frameworks the program is built on including some of the research and why social and emotional learning is so important, with a detailed walkthrough of the main functionality of the Switch4Schools program.

Duration 1 - 2 hours





Emotional intelligence 

This workshop will explore the concept of emotional intelligence, equipping educators with essential skills to understand, manage, and foster emotional intelligence in themselves and their students, thereby creating a more empathetic and conducive learning environment. 


This workshop will unpack the principles of personal resilience, learning effective strategies to navigate challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and cultivate a resilient mindset that positively impacts wellbeing and teaching practices. 


This workshop focusses on enhancing leadership skills through the lens of emotional intelligence, enabling participants to build stronger connections, foster a positive work culture, and make empathetic, informed decisions to inspire their teams and achieve impactful educational outcomes. 

Change management 

Learn effective change management strategies to create an environment that supports and sustains behavioral change, empowering participants to drive positive and lasting transformations in their classrooms and schools. 

Staff wellbeing 

Explore a range of wellbeing strategies and practices to cultivate a positive and supportive school culture, fostering staff resilience, work life balance, and overall wellbeing. 

Switch It Up Exclusive School Community Event 

In addition to providing the fundamentals of emotional intelligence to educators and parents alike, the session is customised to reinforce the school's wellbeing approach and can be co-facilitated with relevant members of the school's team.

Price (excl. GST)*

1 - 2 Hours

Platinum member: FREE 

Standard member: $800 

Non-member: $1000 

Half day (3 - 4 Hours)

Platinum member: FREE 

Standard member: $1440 

Non-member: $1800

Full day (6 - 8 Hours)

Platinum member: FREE 

Standard member: $2800 

Non-member: $3500 

*Reasonable travel costs are additional

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