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Looking to see if it might be a good fit for your school?

$10 p/student p/annum

20% discount for whole of school rollout

$500 p/a minimum spend

*excluding taxes

Platinum Partner

Standard subscription + $5000 p/a

Start whenever you want

  • Additional whole staff professional development opportunities

  • Exclusive access to events and networking opportunities

  • Co-creation opportunities and early access to new features and functionality 

Standard Subscription

$10 p/student p/annum

20% off for whole school roll out

Start whenever you want

  • Easy to start small and grow with your school

  • Self manage the set up and access for your school 

  • Access to all onboarding resources, introductory classroom lesson plans and technical support 

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Free tools and strategies I can use with my kids.


No subscription needed

  • Emotional regulation and resilience building tips and tricks for everyone!

  • Age appropriate activities for junior, middle and senior school students

  • Meme bank access

  • No check-in capability (data)

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