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Troubleshooting guide

When you are having trouble with Switch4Schools, there are usually a few steps we get you to try when you first reach out. Following this guide before you reach out takes away some of the email tag, saving you time and frustration. 
​General troubleshooting steps​

  • Does the program need a reboot? 

    • Sometimes you need to reset your session by logging out and then logging back in to eliminate issues.​ 

  • Is the problem related to your account, or your device? 

    • Check if the issue persists if you switch to a different device such as your mobile phone or tablet, or even a different browser such as Edge or Chrome. 

  • Is the issue related to your internet connection?

    • Sometimes an unstable internet connection can cause delays in loading information or syncing data across devices. But if things really are taking way longer than normal, if you can, try connecting to a mobile hotspot or alternate wifi option to see if that fixes things. 

Additional steps for apps on iOS devices

  • Close the app down and open it back up

    • Sometimes logging in and out isn't enough, you need to reset your session by closing the app fully to get it to reboot its settings. 

  • Check that your version of the app is up to date

    • To see which version you currently have refer to the drop down menu in your profile section, then cross check at the App Store to see if there is a pending update available.  

And if the problem persists please email us at detailing: 

  • What the problem is

  • Who is impacted (school, classes, teachers or students)

  • What device (including which internet browser if using the web app) you are using

  • What steps you've tried

Other troubleshooting tips​

  • Temporary password has expired.

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